About Me

Amanda Copa was born and raised a fisherman’s daughter in the Swedish west coast town Strömstad. The sea and nature have been ever-present in her upbringing, as well as poetry. Her mother used the pen to write poetry, while Amanda chose to use the pen to paint. The art became her way of expressing herself. She is a painter and photographer and illustrates life.

After graduating from the Academy of Arts program at Sinclair, in Uddevalla Sweden, she has engaged herself in different areas of art and culture and at an early stage she moved to Gothenburg and exhibited art at Musikens hus. At the same time she studied fashion illustrations at The Academy of Cutting and Tailoring and later on did fashion illustrations for ‘I min garderob’. Eventually she had her own separate exhibition, ‘Mother’s Love: Study of an expectant mother to be’ at Växthuset Ulvesund in Ljungskile, followed by an exhibition at Bokskåpet in Gothenburg. During this time she moved to South America and lived for about a year in La Paz, Bolivia. There she got the privilege to hang two of her works at the Museum of modern Art, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Plaza, in La Paz. Home again in Gothenburg Sweden, she worked in her studio at Sockerbruket and was a member of KIM, Konstrundan i Majorna, as well as studying photography at Akademin Valand. Of which her photographs ‘X’ have been available as Gicle Fine Art prints at the concept store Vallgatan 12. After some time of analog photography work and work in the darkrooms she has also started working digitally and doing documentary photography while she has yet again raised the pencil anew.  

How I work

Even if I work digital I enjoy analog, a mechanical still picture camera. I develop the negatives and photography are made by me in a photo lab, the old fashioned way. There is nothing more constructive then to be in the darkroom and slowly see the photo take form. The photo series ‘X’ is photographed with an analogue Hasselblad camera. I have developed and double exposed in a traditional manner in a darkroom. Later on, after the photographs have been dryed and pressed, I carefully choose acrylic paint and spray the image. 

When Im documentary photographing I prefer digital camera. Its fast, perfektion and beautiful in its simplicity.

When I paint, fragile contour but strong expression is how I work the motive of my drawing. In a minimalistic way of expression I want to capture what I see. My portrait painting originating in my first solo exhibition ‘Mother’s love: Study of an expectant mother to be’ where I wanted to capture the love between a mother and her child. Portrait painting is an intimate painting of a human being.

all images © Amanda Copa Hansson 2019